This way even after the old router is powered off and getting the information off it would be a hassle, you can flip through the screenshots of the relevant settings from the old one and easily reference them. Most operating systems allow for simple screenshotting via the print screen button without the use of any additional software. You can

Mesh networking with pre-existing routers - Ars Technica Dec 01, 2017 Keeping old router on Verizon Fios will cost you Jul 24, 2016

Make a note of your primary router's LAN IP address (that's the one you use in a browser to access the router admin console). The examples in this tutorial are going to assume it's

How to use an old router as a range extender - Quora Using an old router to provide additional Wi-Fi coverage can work and should not be very difficult. There are a few things you should do first with that old router. i) update the firmware; ii) check if the router can work as an Access Point (AP) a

8. Use an Old Router as a Web Server. If your old router will run OpenWRT or DD-WRT and it can host a NAS or a smart home hub, it can also host a basic web page. This might be a home-only website, intended to share vital information to your family. Alternatively, it might even be a blog, as custom router firmware will support the LAMP stack.

Nov 15, 2012