2010-12-3 · I recently reformatted my computer for this reason and still cannot browse the internet. I set up my wireless internet, it says i'm connected but when I try getting on IE it comes up that I cant open the page. I tried looking but have not found any useful answers please help. thanks.

2010-3-27 I have internet connection but can't browse 2020-5-28 · I have a wireless internet connection and its connected. I am able to use skype (which uses internet) but internet explorer won't open and google chrome won't work. when i click on internet explorer, the computer acts like its loading and then nothing happens. I can't use anyother program to use internet … Windows XP : Internet Connected but Can't Browse Any Sites Do the following step when Internet connected to your computer , but it can’t browse any site Resetting IP in Windows XP In Windows XP, use the following steps to reset the Internet Protocol: 1. Click Start 2. Click Run 3. Type cmd 4. Click Ok 5. In the Black Command Box …

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