Dec 10, 2019 · I just could NOT rdp using regular user domain account although the account is in rdp group. Also the regular user is able to rdp when she is inside the network. She could not rdp only when she is outside the network using vpn connection. VPN connection is using AD credential logging in and she does not have login issue here either.

Solved: Cannot connect OpenVPN client to Orbi VPN Re: Cannot connect OpenVPN client to Orbi VPN Yes, I had some issues that were particular to the fact that I was connecting over VPN to an Active Directory Domain, and my own DNS server. I had to adjust the configuration of the NETGEAR-VPN adapter to specify the domain suffix, and the DNS server name. PPTP VPN in ubuntu cannot connect - Ask Ubuntu Based on output allow traffic from vpn server to your pc on port 47.. PPTP user gre (Generic Routing Encapsulation) protocol. This protocol uses vpn server and send udp packets to your pc on port 47.Without this protocol pptp connection is not possible.. sudo ufw allow proto udp from port 47 to port 47 VPN Server Access - Telkom Community - 15745 We have been able to connect to the server in our office for about 2 months, all of a sudden this morning, we cannot connect. I urgently need help! Message 1 of 20 (9,402 Views) Solved: Cannot connect to VPN - Comcast Business Support

Set the server computer as the Router's DMZ. Connect via External IP. Connect via External DDNS. Connect via Internal IP. Connect via Localhost and Accept incoming connections for VPN. Tried Microsoft Account user (both "SERVERNAME\USERNAME" and just USERNAME). Tried local accounts created specifically for the VPN.

[Solved]Unable to connect to the VPN server | Opera forums joe232 last edited by leocg . On two of my computers, one runs Windows 7, the other runs Windows 10, neither of them are unable to connect to the VPN server. I have tried clearing cookies and other information, I have reinstalled Opera while deleting all the user data, nothing seems to work.

Nov 29, 2018

Why do I receive the error "VPN cannot connect to server Try to select from the list of countries another server (change the country) it might be an issue on the server side. As a last resort, you can try to reinstall the Avira Phantom VPN product. Note Fix problem with Norton Secure VPN screen if it stays at Jun 26, 2020 20 Tips for Troubleshooting (& Fixing) Your VPN Connection