Apr 29, 2020

4 hours ago · Read: Twitter’s least-bad option for dealing with Donald Trump. The whole situation underscores how centralized the internet has become: According to the … FSI | Cyber | Internet Observatory - Analysis of June 2020 On June 3, 2020 Twitter shared with the Stanford Internet Observatory three distinct takedown datasets from China, Turkey and Russia. In this post and in the attached white papers on the China and Turkey operations, we look at the topics and tactics of these operations. Introduction to How Twitter Works | HowStuffWorks Twitter's founders are Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey. A few years before Twitter was born, Williams created Blogger, a popular Web journal service. Internet giant Google purchased Blogger, and Williams began to work directly for Google. Before long, he and Google employee Stone left the Internet giant to form a new company called Odeo. Censorship of Twitter - Wikipedia

5 hours ago · Twitter: Hack hit 130 accounts, company “embarrassed” List of national retail chains requiring masks is growing As a remedy, many modern Wi …

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Jul 23, 2020